About Dirty Eraser

Jo Situ Allen

Jo's love for creative expression started when she was young.  Growing up in China and Los Angeles, her life was always filled with art, music and literature.  Whether it was a moving passage from a book, an unforgettable scene from an independent film or dandelions peeking through concrete sidewalks - to Jo, these moments were all love letters sent from the universe. 

This spiritual connection to nature led to a degree in Geography / Environmental Studies at UCLA - where Jo almost became a Bryologist (that's right, a moss scientist)  in the process. 

While there, she was mesmerized by the bands Le Tigre, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ladytron, Camera Obscura, Cat Power and the feminist punk ethos of the Riot Grrl movement.  Inspired by the voices of girls with fierce attitudes and something to say, Jo started a comic series in 2001 called "Watch My Muffin" which lead to the conception of DIRTY ERASER - capturing the messy perfection of the creative process. 

After UCLA, Jo worked as an environmental advisor while setting also up shop at the annual LA punk craft fair Bizarre Bazaar selling her hand-sewn comic book, screen-printed fanny packs made from vintage textiles, and art prints.  In 2009, she graduated from Presidio Graduate School with an MBA in sustainable management.  She co-founded a sustainability agency, lived abroad in Hong Kong, and continued to create.  

Fast forward...

These days, Jo is an illustrator who specializes in the wellness and clean beauty space grounded by her background in environmental work.  She lives in Laguna Beach with her family and travels regularly to LA and NY.  She works in multiple mediums, including designing cosmic jewelry in 18 karat gold, diamond and gemstones. 

Jo has brought her elevated and playful line work to live art events for Richer Poorer, Laguna Supply, Jenni Kayne, Amaree's and other inspiring brands.

Published Titles:

"The Accidental Naturalist:  Exploring the Flora and Fauna of Laguna Beach and Beyond (2016)

"The Accidental Naturalist:  Exploring the Flora and Fauna of San Francisco and Beyond" (2017)

"The Accidental Naturalist:  Exploring the Flora and Fauna of Los Angeles and Beyond" (Coming soon)  

Published by Brook Street Books

For commissions and collaborations, send a note to jo@dirtyeraser.com

You can also DM her on Instagram @dirty_eraser