Jo Situ Allen is a California artist known for her dreamy and high vibrational multimedia works. Also known as DIRTY ERASER - her paintings transport the viewer into the energetics of the natural world.

Jo's offerings are guided by her intuitive sense of social and ecological harmony - informed by her BA/Master's Degree in Geography/Environmental Studies/Sustainable Management and as a published author of two books on California's native species. 

She is sought out for her work as a visual dreamer, live art performer, muralist, creative director, brand strategist, and storyteller - merging the worlds of science, spirit, and art.

Out of a desire to create wearable art - Jo also designs jewelry -  crafting  modern, yet powerful talismans in gold, diamonds and gemstones.

Select Gallery Shows
Venice Family Clinic Art Walk/Auction - Santa Monica, LA 
Faith, Hopes, and Dreams - Realm, LA
FM Summit Artist Showcase - Second Home, LA 
Venice Family Clinic Art Walk/Auction - The Runway, Playa Del Rey, LA 
Electric Ladyland - The Floating Gallery, LA 

Select Collaborations/Live Art Performances

ILIA, Odacite, Richer Poorer, Jenni Kayne, Fashion Mamas, Holi Frog, A'maree's, Tress Apothecary, Gorjana, Creatively, The Maybourne Beverly Hills, City of Laguna Beach, Laguna Art Museum, Golden 8Ours, EcoVisions2030 Collective Dreaming Workshop, Creating Equilibrium Visions Conference and more.
For commissions, collaborations and community email jo@dirtyeraser.com
You can also DM her on Instagram @dirty_eraser